Garfield mashed up with all 151 original Pokemon, because it's a free country!
Pop Culture Art
I like pop culture. I like drawing things. I like bad jokes. When my powers combine...
The Brotherhood of Homeless Mutants
The X-Men's greatest enemies have fallen on hard times.
Detroit Pistons All-Star Campaign
Original Smash Mouth-themed art for the Detroit Pistons' social media team.
The Garfields Project
50 days of trying to deconstruct Garfield.
Man's Best Friends
What if the cast of Friends were dogs, that's really all this is
RUMP 2016
When a drawing of a future President as a butt becomes a bestselling t-shirt.
Gig Posters
Concert, comedy and theatre posters from the past few years.
Mutant Jerx
Squatty bad boys & girls from Marvel's merry mutant comics.
Power Dangers!
Portraits of some of the baddest Power Rangers baddies of all time!
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