Until I die, this will be one of my favorite things.
In 2014, myself and Colin Hogan created 3 episodes of "Wine Cop" for New York's Channel 101.  We were in the early days of figuring out how to be better at making video, and each episode represented a huge leap in terms of process and production.
They're real janky to look back on now, but feel free to ask me sometime about the backstories for literally any character, because there's a very intense Wine Cop Cinematic Universe simmering just under the surface.
All of these were written and directed by myself & Colin Hogan.
Featuring the acting talents of Dan MacAvoy (Chief), Rachel Bowers (The President), Tim de la Motte (Beer Cop), Brendan Hannigan (The Vice-President), Sarah Shockey (Putinka), Colin Espinales (Julio Tecate) & Colin Hogan (Cool Guy)

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